21 Reasons Why Best Friends Are Better Than Boyfriend Or Girlfriend

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Salam 1 Malaysia!!!
Hey peeps! How's ur day???
Hope everythings turn to be good to you.. ^^,
Anyway, anybody has a BEST FRIEND?? A boyfriend or a girlfriend as well??
Which one you treasure the most??
*Speaking London berabuk..Ape de hal??I'm learning & trying hard not to be shy of my broken vocabs okay..Lalalalala~~~
Sometime somehow BEST FRIENDS are worth it to be treasured compared to boyfriend or girlfriend..You know why??
Let me tell ya..
1. U don't have to call them everyday, just to let them know u are not fighting.
2. U don't have an anniversary - u juz sort of "became" BEST FRIENDS.
3. When somene calls ur boyfriend/girlfriend ur "partner" it makes u think of marriage. When they call ur BEST FRIEND our partner, it's more like cops.
4. U never have to touch ur BEST FRIEND when it's hot outside, but u can still huddle close when it's freezing.
5. Ur parents usually like ur BEST FRIEND.
6. Ur BEST FRIEND doesn't care if u get fat, u're ugly or if u get an ard haircut.
7. U don't have to get jealous of "girls only" night or "guy-only" night coz u are a part of it.
8. U can laugh at ur BEST FRIEND with no consequences.
9. U can burp/fart in front of ur BEST FRIEND on any occasion.
10. U can plan on still having a relationship with ur BEST FRIEND in 20 years.
11. Never in ur life will u need "space" from ur BEST FRIEND.
12. Ur BEST FRIEND won't be mad if u want some time alone, & will only ask u "what's wrong?" once.
13. Ur BEST FRIEND is someone u get in trouble with ; ur boyfriend/girlfriend is someone u get in trouble with if u get in trouble.
14. U don't have to get dressed up to go anywhere with ur BEST FRIEND.
15. U're allowed to have multiple BEST FRIENDS.
16. no one ever spreads rumors or talks about u & ur BEST FRIEND's relationship.
17. Borrowing any amount of money form ur BEST FRIEND is okay, no questions asked.
18. Ur BEST FRIEND will never refer to u as the ball & chain, the old lady/man, or the whip.
19. No one is ever trying to fix u up & blind dates for a new BEST FRIEND.
20. It doesn't matter what ur other friends think abou ur BEST FRIEND.
21. Ur BEST FRIEND is the first person u call when u get a new boyfriend/girlfriend, & when u break up with them..
So true right..=)
Thanks for reading! Klik here to redeem your gifts!(^_^)

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