6 Truths In Life

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Hey peeps! ^^,

Epi weekend? Hope so..
Just a short entry for today..
6 Truths Of Life
You cannot touch all ur teeth with ur tongue.
All idiots, after reading the first truth try it
The first truth is a lie.
U're smiling now because u're an idiot.
U soon will forward this to another idiot.
There's still a stupid smile on ur face.
Juz a simple joke to  help u cheerish ur day..No offend k!^^,
Chill & Peace!!!!
Wink! Wink! ^_~
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  1. hahaha , ape lah.... mcm nak gigit aje tadi aw.. hurmmm :P

    *by the away , cik meja telah di tag di sini :)