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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Life Is Short


 Hey peeps! How's ur day?
Hope all of us having such a great day & Happy Christmas! ^^,
From now on, I'll declare Sunday as English day for me & my blog..So, everything I'm gonna write will be in English..In hopes my vocabs will be improve gradually..Huhu., Hope so..T_T
So for the time being as I'm improving my vocabs, just ignore any broken parts of my writing (broken English..Wahahaha!) okay! ^_^#
For today, should we juz sit for a minute & think deeply about our life..Life is great isn't it? But have we ever think that life is too short..Too short that it will end up so soon..
Humm, what a pathetic word - END ..
Life is short. Yet too much a time, we don't have the momentto sit, think, ponder, wonder or reflect right? Many a time, the evolution of our past to our present and our future is dependent on the period of precious moments we take to carefully reflect and think about what we want and need in life. Certain moments are meant to be celebrated and preserved. Some memories are indeed essential to be cherished. Others are vital for us to learn and grow from.
So lets take a minute to stop & reflect. Often moments like these will bring us through a precious journey, helps us appreciate, teaches us to smile, acknowledges our accomplishments, brings us motivation, highlights our success, bring us much amazement.. and cost us nothing but a mere seconds of time. What a wonderful life isn't it?
And thoughts give birth to vision and dreams, thoughts are capable of changing our lives, who we are and brings out the best from within. Thoughts help us change our world to make a difference in life. So, have we been reflecting on our life lately?
Life is short my friends. So, lets seize every moment we can gain out of it. Lest we live in regrets of not having any time to slow down, stop, and just reflect.
P/S : Life is too kiss slowly, laugh insanely, love truly, and forgive quickly..
Thanks for reading! Klik here to redeem your gifts!(^_^)

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