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Sunday, 29 January 2012

Please Express Your Love

Happy Sunday to all! ^^,
As for today, I want to remind all of you out there how important to express our love to someone we loved..
Someone we loved means either our parents, our bestfriends, our families, or our spouse..

When U were only 5 years old, I said I Love U...
U asked me : "What is it?"

When U were 15 years old, I said I Love U...
U blushed.. U look down & smile..

When U were 20 years old, I said I Love U...
U put ur head on my shoulder & hold my hand.. Afraid that I might dissapear..

When U were 25 years old, I said I Love U...
U prepare breakfast & serve it infront of me, & kiss my forehead & said : "U better be quick, It's gonna be late.."

When U were 30 years old, I said I Love U...
U said : "If U really love me, please come back early after work.."

When U were 40 years old, I said I Love U...
U were cleaning the dining table & said : "Ok dear, but it's time for U to help our child with  his/her revision.."

When U were 50 years old, I said I Love U...
U were knitting & U laugh at me..

When U were 60 years old, I said I Love U...
U smile at me..

When U were 70 years old, I said I Love U...
We sitting on the rocking chair with our glasses on.. I'm reading ur love letter that U sent to me 50 years ago..
With our hand crossing together..

When U were 80 years old, U said U Love Me...
I didn't say anything but cried..

That day must be the happiest day of my life! Because U said U Love Me!!!!!!!!

If they were U, who do U prefer the most? The one who always express his/her feeling by saying "I LOVE YOU" all the time, or the one who were never express them, but deep in their heart they love their spouse / parents / families very much...

Think about it!
P/S : Please express ur love & appreciate ur loved ones..    
Say "I LOVE U" to them when U have the chance now!!!

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