Party With The Girls, All Fully Sponsored!

by - 3:14:00 pm

Sometimes it’s the simplest gestures that have the biggest impacts. 

“Share the Softness with Kleenex®”, and share your heartfelt thoughts with your loved ones in conjunction with the launch of the new Kleenex® Natural Facial Tissues infused with soothing cucumber extract! 

Make your friends’ day with the app, and you could win a cucumber-inspired spa experience for two plus a Kleenex® Party for 50 friends and daily giveaways of Kleenex® Natural facial tissues.

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  1. promot iklan nuffnang ke ni? ;p

  2. salam ..singgah baca entri adik..jemput join segmen akak..

  3. hihihi.. suka guna jenama ni :)

  4. Hmm , jenama nie product nya mmg terbaik !! LD