TIPS On Planning A Healthier Pregnancy

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Trying to conceive doesn't necessarily mean completely changing your lifestyle. You can always find a middle ground that suits your current lifestyle without reducing the chances of conceiving.

Here are some tips on planning a healthy pregnancy :-
QUIT STRESSING. Don't worry or be constantly exposed to stressful environments. Being under lot of stress causes your brain to release neurotransmitters that affect the hormones, possibly delaying your ovulation.
ARE YOU IN SHAPE ? While research shows mild running and moderate swimming puts you on the right track to conceiving, extreme exertion can disrupt your cycle. The key here is to keep moving, but keep it down a notch.
HIBERNATE. Sleep like a baby to make one. Because irregular sleeping patterns can mess up your hormones which to irregular periods. Catching at least 6-9 hours of shut-eye makes your bedtime routine a healthy one.

Folic acid a.k.a Folate is one of the important supplement you should take when planning on pregnancy. It helps to prevent and reduce the incidence of Neural Tube Defects (NTD). NTD is a serious condition that can cause birth defects in the brain and spinal cord of your growing fetus. So, start adding folate in your daily menu now!

Or you can start with Anmum Materna! ^_^

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  1. banyaknye mende kene pk kalau pregnant. wuwuuuuu

  2. mmg mcm2 nak kena prepare.. tp deqla tetap gak teringin merasa pengalaman tu..hihi

  3. dulu mase mengandung ade amik anmum tu..:)

  4. sedang mengandung ker???semoga awk dan kandungan berada dalam keadaan sihat hendaknya...amin..


  5. wow.. dlm perancangan .... bagus ;-)
    makan y bkhasiat sjk di awal kandungan.. eyhh..awk pregnant k???

    **sedih sbb mgndungkn asya dulu xde merasa smua ni.. kesiannya asya ;-(

    -> Macam tu lah lebih kurang.. =)

    -> Eh, belum lagi. Tapi tengah planning ke arah itu. Doakan dimurahkan rezeki ye.. =)

    -> Dok lagi Lya. Tengah mengharap lagi ni. Semoga dipermudahkan rezeki nak timang baby sendiri.. =)


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