ULTIMATE Challenge..! Forget Fear, Worry About Addiction..!

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Viper challenge is a 20km challenge course, filled with man-made obstacles that will challenge both heart and spirit. It is Asia's perennial obstacle challenge, like no other. Designed to take you out of your comfort zone, you enter the challenge either as an individual warrior or as part of a team... 

Whichever way you enter, you will finish understanding that only teamwork will get you across the line, without it you are unlikely to succeed. Viper Challenge is set to be one of Malaysia’s most exciting events for 2013.


Make yourself apart of History and become a victim of Malaysia's Largest EVER Obstacle course! Don't be fooled... THIS IS NOT A RACE! Completing this challenge will be the ULTIMATE ACHIEVEMENT! You will go down in history being faced with obstacles you have never even dreamed of! 

This is NOT for the lazy & weak population... It is for those TOUGH at heart wanting to put their mind and body through the ULTIMATE CHALLENGE! If you're game enough, you will put yourself to the test and hope you won't fail! 

What you will get ??


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  1. yeayy mm dah kembali..rsa mcm kejap ja kan..hihi

  2. ehh... kembali dgn entri bahasa inggeris! perghh hebakk... ;p