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Sunday, 13 October 2013


DARE TO DREAM HIGH! DARE TO BE! | Being inspired by the quotes wrote by Steve Maraboli. Thinking of sharing & perpetuate it in this blog as our daily self motivation. Please read it! 

When a NEW DAY begins, DARE to smile gratefully.

When there is DARKNESS, DARE to be the first to shine a light.
When there is INJUSTICE, DARE to be the first to condemn it.
When something seems DIFFICULT, DARE to do it anyway.
When LIFE seems to beat you down, DARE to fight back.
When there seems to be NO HOPE, DARE to find some.
When you’re feeling TIRED, DARE to keep going.
When times are TOUGH, DARE to be tougher.
When love HURTS you, DARE to love again.
When someone is HURTING, DARE to help them heal.
When another is LOST, DARE to help them find the way.
When a friend FALLS, DARE to be the first to extend a hand.
When you cross PATHS with another, DARE to make them smile.
When you feel GREAT, DARE to help someone else feel great too.
When the day has ENDED, DARE to feel as you’ve done your best.

DARE to be the best you can! DARE to Step Forward! DARE TO DREAM High! 

At all times, DARE TO BE!
― Steve Maraboli

NOTE : Never stop dreaming! Never stop trying! Lets DARE TO DREAM! 


  1. shaklee the best! mama dah cuba semasa mengandung dan selepas melahirkan..

  2. Dare urself to dream..... And dare yourself to fullfill that.. :)

  3. akak pun makan supplement shaklee juga.. memang bagus. Gudluck dgn sales ye

  4. yeahh.. berani utk bermimpi.. dan menggapainya.. kalo tak, sia2 jugaklah pasang impian tu...huhu..

  5. quotes yang sangat bermakna, tq 4 sharing :)



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